What Can I Expect During A Bodywork Session?

Each session starts with a check in. We'll start by looking over the intake form and clarifying any information related to your care. We'll talk about what you want for the session - any specific tension, pain, or areas of the body you want treated, any areas of the body that you want left alone, and explain anything you feel unclear about. 

After the check in, I'll step out of the room so you can get comfortable on the massage table. When you're ready, I'll come back in and introduce my touch on top of the sheet before I start the bodywork. I'll communicate with you, and invite you to communicate with me, throughout the session to ensure your comfort.

Do I Have To Get Undressed?


The presence of clothes changes what kinds of bodywork I can do, but you do not have to get undressed to receive massage. Above all, I want you to feel safe and relaxed during the session.

Is Massage Supposed To Hurt?

Not necessarily. 

There are certain, more specifically focused treatments (e.g., trigger point therapy) that can elicit a pain response because it is affecting a pain pattern already present in the body, which typically subsides once the trigger point has been released. Also, if you have tender or sore muscles, these areas might feel tender when massaged. If you experience sharp, shooting pain or tingly, nerve pain, please let me know immediately. 

Do You Offer Discounts, Sliding Scale, Alternative Exchange, Etc.?

I do run promotions from time to time (If I am currently running a promotion, I'll advertise it with a banner on the home page). 

I do offer sliding scale and alternative exchange options. It is important to me that everyone who needs care receive care. Contact me and let's find an exchange that works.

I believe creating access to healthcare is a collective responsibility, so I provide those who can the opportunity to subsidize the low and no-cost massage I offer. If you would like to donate so that more folks can have access to therapeutic massage services, you can do so here as well as via the donate button on my appointments page.

Do You Offer On-Site Massage?

I do! I understand that leaving the house requires more effort/spoons for some, and I will gladly meet you where you are. I will generally have one day of the week set aside with on-site availability (see the appointments page options). If that day doesn't work for you, please contact me to explore additional availability. 

Do You Have Massage Packages for Organizations/Groups/Events?

Yes! I currently offer chair massage (3-4 hour block consisting of 10 or 15-minute sessions) for organizations and events. Please contact me for availability and pricing.

What Bodywork Modalities Do You Currently Work With?

I am currently trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, some Myofascial techniques, Sports Maintenance, Accupressure, Zen Shiatsu, Cupping, Gua Sha, Reiki, and Healing Touch. During a session we'll determine what modality/ies could work to best address your needs.

What If I Need To Cancel/Reschedule? What Are Your Policies?

My policies on canceling, rescheduling, the privacy of your information, your rights during the session, and more can be found here.

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