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Rooted in the Ecology of the Body


I'm an intuitive, experienced, integrative massage therapist whose practice centers chronically ill, queer, and transgender folks. I blend swedish, deep tissue, sports, trigger point, neuromuscular, myofascial, and other modalities, as well as energetic work (reiki and healing touch) to support your body. I also offer mobility and strength training plans that complement the massage session as well as facilitate increased range of motion and strength capacity for the demands of life. Rooted in the ecology of the body, I address you as you exist in relationship with your environment – home, school, work, society – and work with your specific needs.



Seamus H. Robertson (They/Them) is a queer,  transgender human being living with type 1 diabetes and learning what it means to be a body. Their current research is at the permeable boundary of organism and environment, particularly as it relates to the exchange and effects of sense information, the reinterpretation of myth, and meaning-making in the sociopolitical ecology of the Anthropocene/Cthulucene.

When they're not working, they're probably off somewhere in the forest, running and talking to trees.